Wednesday, June 23, 2010

9. Another Model, Different Colors

Our beautiful model, above, has a Cool 8 skin tone [from First Edition]. Keep in mind that colors on a computer monitor tend to vary from monitor to monitor, so while this demonstration will lend clarity to color scheme concepts, it is not intended to help you determine if you are a C8.

In the first photo on the left our model is demonstrating a triadic color scheme with colors from the number 2 (skin tone), 6 (blouse) and 10 (suit, background) positions on the color wheel.

The next photo demonstrates a positions 2 (skin tone, blouse) and 10 (suit, background) complementary color scheme.

In photo three, our model has a brown skin tone but her suit, blouse and the background color are all found in her palettes' #1 position. This would be considered a monochromatic color scheme. If a third neighboring color wheel section were represented, then this would be an analagous color scheme.

Finally, the photo on the right also demonstrates a monochromatic color scheme for the same reasons as the previous photo. The suit, blouse and background colors are found in her palettes' # 1 color wheel position.

Many, many other possible color combinations can be found within our model's C8 personal color palette. For instance, picture how these suits might look if the blouse and jacket colors were reversed. Or, imagine print blouses or scarves that pick up more colors in her palette.