Monday, September 12, 2011

67. Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2011

Wear your own "best for you" versions of the Pantone Fall 2011 fashion colors (shown below) from your own color palette.                                           

Sunday, September 4, 2011

65. Henri Matisse Art--Warm 5 Palette Colors, Triad Color Scheme [First Edition]

Henri Matisse designed this lovely piece, however these particular colors are not his choices.  Instead, they're from the Warm 5 color palette using a Triad color scheme. I want you to realize that skin tone is not magical or imbued with uniqueness such that it need require one to wonder and speculate over to an unusual degree.  Many people question for years, "Am I a warm, neutral or cool skin tone?  How can I be sure?  What colors go with my skin tone? Am I an absolute color category, or a mixed category?  Who is smart enough, talented enough, trained enough to determine my correct color palette?"  Skin tone is a color like other colors, and can be worked with as such. uses new computer quantification technology to simply coordinate a palette of 620 harmonizing colors to your skin tone, which is identified by matching a common brand of makeup to your skin.  Please go to for more information.