Friday, December 17, 2010

19. [I] Looked Really Good!

A CUSTOMER WITH N2 SKIN TONE: Hi Janis. : ) I just wanted to let you know that today I discovered that, yes, in fact all the colors on my N2 palette [First Edition] are 100 percent perfect for me! I went out shopping today and found a large rainbow-colored beaded necklace at Aldo. The colors of the beads were all a perfect match with a number of the bright, clear colors on my palette. (Some of the ones I wasn't sure I could wear, including bright, clear orange, magenta and really bright lemon yellow.) I put the necklace on over my orange sweater (which is also a close match to an orange on my palette) and I instantly saw that all the colors harmonized perfectly! It looked really good! : )  Thank you so much for creating this wonderful system of color analysis! For the first time in my life I fully realize what my true colors actually are! They are perfect.