Sunday, March 25, 2012

71. How to Print Your Personal Color Palettes

Once purchased, your requested personal color palette will be emailed to you within 24 hours. To print colors that accurately match your color analysis palette do one of the following:  use a personal photo printer at home (Kodak and Hp are very good at producing accurate color), or go to a self-serve photo printing kiosk.  Places like Walgreens, Walmart and Kinko's have these.  The print color is almost always very, very good.  It's quick, too.  And the price is right.  While you're at one of those stores you can also purchase a simple hardcover $2.00 photo album that will do a good job of holding up to a lot of use.

Please be aware that you must not have your palette printed on one of the large $10,000 commercial printers.  They use a process that will render colors much too dark.  Even the Kodak printing by mail system uses this inaccurate system.  Again, use a self-serve photo kiosk.  Proceed cautiously.  It would be a good idea to print only 1 page initially to check the color quality. If that particular kiosk is not up to par, then select another one.

This process will assure that you have an accurate resource for the best colors to wear for your skin tone.

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