Saturday, April 28, 2012

76. Before and After Color Analysis Photos

There is a pervasive trend in seasonal color analysis websites and books to  stage "before" and "after" photos.  The "before" pictures appear in a disparaging light, and the "after" pictures are enhanced.  Take a close look.  It's actually effective, though deceiving, advertising. 

You might see the following staging effects, among others. All strive to present the "after" model who's wearing a color from the "correct" palette in a favorable light.

In "before" photos
  • Hard, bright lighting that leaves the subject looking "washed out."
  • An unflattering facial expression, such as an unnecessarily wrinkled forehead.
  • An unflattering pose.
  • Unflattering clothing, accessory, and/or hair style.
In "after" photos
  • Soft lighting with proper exposure.
  • A relaxed, pleasant facial expression.
  • Small, but significant, improvement in pose.
  • More becoming clothing, accessories, and/or hair style.
Notice that the photographer's tricks, above, disallow an objective judgement of the better color choice.

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  1. How does one order a palette? I see the store is down?