Saturday, July 24, 2010

12. What About Hair and Eye Colors?

With 620 [380, 2012] colors offered in every personal color palette, it is highly likely that you will see your eye and hair colors in the lot. In some cases, however, your natural hair and/or eye colors will not be featured in your palette. You needn't be concerned about this. There is an elegant solution to the problem. Your natural hair and eye colors trump your personal color palette. You may wear any of the natural color shades in your hair, and you may wear any of your natural eye colors. In fact, wearing one or more of these colors will enhance your natural coloring by bringing more attention to it.

Wearing one or more of your hair and eye colors will also lend an immediate "pulled together" look to your appearance. Additionally, the combination of your skin tone, hair and eye colors create a natural color harmony. Any additional colors you add from your personal color palette for cosmetics, clothing or accessories will add to the richness of the harmony.

Think of your natural hair color as your Primary Neutral Color. Be aware that when others look at you, they certainly see your hair color along with the other colors in your ensemble. The trick is to build a color bridge from your hair color to the color in something your wear. A shirt, for instance, or a belt or tie...Pick up, and repeat, the color in your hair somewhere else on your body.

Your eye color is your Secondary Neutral Color. It also can be worn at will. It will always look good on you regardless of whether or not it is in your personal color palette. Many people have multiple colors in thier hair and eyes. In those cases you may expand your Primary and Secondary Neutral Color Palettes to include those various colors.

Follow a different course if you are selecting hair coloring products, or colored contact lenses. In these cases, it's best to match the end result with colors in your color palette. I say "match the end results" because the color on a hair coloring box will not necessarily look the same once it's applied to your hair. Similarly, colored contact lenses will be influenced by your natural eye color, and may not look like you expect them to. Sometimes a professional opinion can be helpful.

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