Thursday, August 5, 2010

13. Use of Neutral Colors

Would you like to know why it's important to wear colors that harmonize with your personal coloring? The answer is so simple that, once it's pointed out to you, you'll immediately respond, "Of course. I knew that." It's important to wear your colors because the colors you wear accentuate the same colors in your skin tone, your hair and your eyes. To illustrate, think of choosing matting for a painting. The color of the mat will emphacize the same color in the painting. On the other hand, if a mat with no color relationship to the painting is selected, the effect will be of disharmony/discord...and it will feel uncomfortable to look at.

Naturally, then, one's own natural hair color(s), eye color(s) and skin tone would make excellent color choices for the basic structure of your wardrobe. Suits, shoes, purses, jewelry, etc. in your neutral colors would serve you well. Other harmonizing colors, such as those found in your palette would make excellent accent colors for accessories, a blouse, cosmetics, nail color, etc. Or, you could do it the other way around; use your Primary and/or Secondary Neutral Color(s) to accessorise, while selecting a color from your personal color palette as the main color.

The examples above demonstrate just how flattering neutral color choices can be, whether you draw from skin tone, hair or eye color.

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