Sunday, August 21, 2011

59. Example of a Split-Complementary Color Scheme [First Edition]

The three color swatch pages (above) come from this model's correct color palette. Colors found in the image, either on the model or in the frame, have a black frame around them.  Notice the two darkest color swatches that have a white asterick.  Had they been used on the model, they would have commanded too much attention.  They would have overpowered her image.  The asterick-marked color swatches should only be used if the person has eye, eyebrow or hair color that is at least that dark.  In such a case, at least a touch of one of the darkest colors would be needed to balance her contrast level, and make her appear "in focus." 

    People with very dark skin and hair should wear contrast colors that span from one of the lightest to one of the darkest colors in their palette, even if  just a touch of color.  It will balance their overall appearance. 

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