Thursday, May 13, 2010

3. Clearing Up The Mystery of Color

Much of the mystery about color can be deciphered very easily. To do so, we need to focus on some basic terms used to describe different facets of color. These terms are "color,"  "hue,"  "pure color,"  "tint,"  "tone" and "shade."   The most widely used term, "color," covers all the bases. It's a generic term used to label any color, including white, gray and black.

"Hue" refers to the purest/truest/brightest colors. These are colors with no added white, gray or black

Any pure hue with some white added is a "Tint." Tints are commonly referred to as pastels. They are clear (absent of gray), lightened hues.

"Tones" are pure hues mixed with gray (which is a combination of white and black). Tones are generally softer, muted and easy to live with.

The term "shade" refers to a pure hue with some added black. Shades are clear (absent of gray), darkened hues.

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