Tuesday, May 18, 2010

6. What About Hair and Eye Colors?

I am sometimes asked to clarify the following issue; "Will a person's eye color and hair color naturally show up in their palette if their skin tone is properly determined? I can imagine a wide variety of different hair and eye colors for people who have the same skin tone match on your scale."

The answer is no, not automatically, but you are to add them in. Eye and hair color will not necessarily be found in one's palette if skin tone is properly determined, but these colors should always be added to your MyBestColors.com personal color palette. Your natural hair color(s) is/are your Primary Neutral Color(s). Your natural eye color(s) is/are your Secondary Neutral Color(s).

It is very possible that hair and/or eye color(s) will be in your palette, but they won't necessarily be. This is because of how the colors are selected. First, all of the visible colors that fall within a certain contrast distance from the skin tone are selected. Next, the process selects out the colors that fall at proportional contrast distances from that skin tone color, at 5%, 10%, 20%, 40%, [+60%, 2012] and 80-88%.

It is this precise rhythmic color selection processs that provides absolute harmony and cohesiveness to the structure of the palette as a whole so that your colors may be mixed-and-matched with impunity. A person's eye color(s) and hair color(s) will not necessarily be positioned exactly at the 5, 10, 20, 40, [60, 2012] or 80-88% contrast distance from the skin tone. They almost certainly will, however, be included within the first selection of all colors that relate very closely to the skin tone color.

Occassionally, however, a person will have a very light skin tone (warm, neutral or cool) and very dark hair and/or eyes. In that case, the individual may add the color black to their personal palette of colors even if it doesn't automatically appear. The contrast between the palettes' very light colors and black will not be too extreme for such people.

Most people will find at least some of their hair and eye colors within their palette. Hair and eye colors are usually a blend of colors. My eyes, for example, are hazel. The greens, gray and golden brown colors of my eyes are all found in my personal palette. My exact hair color, however, is not in my palette. Since I like to color my hair, I select colors for highlights, lowlights and/or all-over color directly from my palette. The end result is quite beautiful. Not everyone, of course, wishes to color their hair or wear colored contact lenses, and that is fine. One's natural hair (Primary Neutral Color) and natural eye color (Secondary Neutral Color) are absolutely compatible with one's skin tone, and with all of the other colors in your palette.

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