Thursday, May 13, 2010

2. Can Cool Skin Tones Wear Orange?

A lovely woman, whom I've enjoyed communicating with concluded, "I've had my colors done in the past [with seasonal color analysis] and I really disagree that cool undertones can wear orange." Consequently, she decided against purchasing color palettes from What a great topic for us to address this week!

Rather than offer my opinion, I want you to decide for yourselves whether cool skin tones can or cannot wear orange. Take a look at these sample colors from's Cool 2 Color Palette:

Note that the surrounding skintone color is more orange than blue. Also, note that the orange color swatches are rusty in color, rather than a bright orange. They are highly muted, containing more blue, and less pure orange, than Warm skintone oranges do.

The border color indicates the skintone, and the inner color swatches are technically harmonious to each other and to the skintone. So, what do you think? Do the colors work together? Please realize that if even one of the colors is compatible, they all are because they are all very closely related mathematically.

A separate issue relates to an individual's color preferences. Someone may see that a group of colors work with a particular skintone, and still not like the colors. People naturally have preferences for, and against, particular colors and color combinations. Happily, though, with 620 colors to choose from, all color preferences, moods and occassions can be well satisfied.

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  1. My Mother was a Winter through and through. Whether she had a summer tan or pale winter skin, the colour orange made her look sallow! Not a great colour. I'm sure if we had searched long and hard, we would have some day discovered an orange that would work with her colouring, however,...with all of the gorgeous colours of the winter palette, why go to the bother? Leave the oranges where they belong; adorningthe well deserving Autumns and Springs!