Friday, January 21, 2011

25. Your Most Powerful Beauty Tool

Don’t you think it would be pretty powerful to just know which of your clothes, makeup and accessories would set you up to look your very best? A good color analysis can answer your question, “What are my best colors?”  Look fabulous, feel fabulous, and have fun with color. Shopping will become easier and faster.  You’ll be much more satisfied with your purchases, and feel more vibrant with the transforming power of color.  

We don’t hear as much any more about personal color analysis as we did in the 1980s when Color Me Beautiful first came out, but personal color analysis continues to evolve.  The 4 Season system was eventually refined into the 12 Season system, and now new computer color technology is opening more doors.  While the original 4 Season system worked for perhaps 30% of  the people who tried it, it didn't work well for the other 70%. Because of that, each of the 4 Seasons--Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring-were further refined into 3 additional seasons.

Personal color analysis can enhance anyone’s appearance.  We can’t help but notice that it is not only popular, but it’s essential to the successful careers of celebrities, politicians, and even business leaders. Money is tight, so every purchase needs to be a good choice. Personal color analysis will make it possible for you to easily answer your question, “What are my colors?” whether you are buying makeup, hair color, clothes, or accessories. Fashion fads will no longer make your choices for you. You will learn what colors look good on you, and then develop your own personal style if you wish.

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