Saturday, February 12, 2011

26. 5 Reasons for Men to Wear Their Best Colors

Women are not the only ones who should have their colors done.   Color is one of the simplest and most impactful tools you can use. First impressions matter.  There are no do-overs.  And wearing the wrong colors can be professionally, financially and personally crippling. The following 5 paragraphs detail the problems with wearing the wrong colors:
  • The wrong colors create an aging effect, and I don’t mean you’ll look distinguished.  
  • The wrong colors sap your appearance of vitality.  They make you look unhealthy.  You may even get asked, “Are you feeling okay?” You may have felt fine, but the problem is that wearing a color that doesn’t suit you can make you look washed out.  It tends to drain color from your face.  Colors from a personal color analysis palette will enhance your appearance, making you look your best.
  • Wearing colors that are unbecoming to you is like committing social suicide.  Men, more than women, tend to wear whatever they feel comfortable in, whether it suits them or not.  Unflattering colors speak volumes about the image you convey to others.  Unconsciously, people judge you based on your overall image.  If you look good, they tend to see you as smart and competent.  Poor color choice reduces the credibility people associate with even the words you speak. Don’t let a garish shirt distract from your authoritative presence. That would be unfortunate when simply wearing better colors could testify to your detail-oriented nature and boasts a polished and refined look.
  • Not knowing your colors makes shopping time-consuming, frustrating, and disappointing. Why would you want to waste time shopping for a good-looking shirt only to get it wrong?  Many men don’t know what colors look good, so they just stick with white, or blue.  Besides monotony, the problem is that “white” or “blue” may not the most flattering white or blue for you.  Knowing exactly what colors look good on you will make shopping a breeze.
  • Colors convey psychological messages.  They carry a lot of weight.  People have associations with color that convey some pretty powerful messages, whether we intend them to or not.  The color black, for example, can signal serious, conventional and sophisticated. A very particular shade of pink is often used in jails because of it’s calming effect.  Red connotes excitement, boldness, and energy.  Getting colors right is crucial when a specific message needs to be delivered.

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