Friday, February 18, 2011

31. Color Contrast

“What colors should I wear?” you ask.  Interest in color analysis systems reside in a very delightful place in the consciousness of those of us who are “color nuts.”  We love color.  It’s delicious, and the more we understand about how to use it, the better.

We’ve followed the progression of the four season system to the twelve season system.  Still, we want more.  We’ve realized the frustrations of trying to make sense of the complexities built into season color analysis systems.

Conclusive seasonal categorizing remains elusive for many women.  To add to the uncertainty are the opinions of color analysts who focus on color contrast as a necessary consideration in deciphering one’s proper color category.

To some extent, the seasonal systems look at the issue of color contrast.  However, in pursuit of simplicity, some experts look exclusively at color contrast.  Their rules are clear:
  1. Consider the degree of color contrast in an individual’s skin tone, hair and eyes.  That same degree of contrast should be repeated in color wardrobe colors.
  2. At least one of the skin tone, hair and/or eye colors need to be repeated in an item worn near the face.  This can be accomplished as simply as:
  • Wearing a scarf or tie that is the color of your hair
  • Repeating your eye color in something you wear near your face
  • Repeating your skin color in an item worn near the face

The conflicting and imprecise nature of previous color analysis methods leaves many women still wondering, “What colors should I wear?”

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