Thursday, February 17, 2011

29. What Colors Should I Wear for a Tranquil Effect

First of all, always wear the colors found in your own skin-tone compatible personal color palette.  You should find all the colors you need within your assortment of colors to achieve a tranquil effect, or any other effect you wish to project. “What colors should I wear?”  Wear the colors that enhance your beauty as determined through color analysis.
  • We receive color by way of wavelengths.  Colors like shades of blue, blue-green, and blue-purple have a short wavelength..  Because of this, our brains have an easy time interpreting these colors, giving us a direct physiological response of calmness, or tranquility.  
  • Another way to achieve a calming effect with color is to greatly lighten the color, and to greatly mute, or dull the intensity of the color. Beiges, which are really very light, dull browns are certainly calming.  They lend a sense of comfort and safety in their presence.  This quieting of the emotions gently invites processes of reflection or thoughtfulness. 
  • There’s another, interesting way to create a sense of tranquility with color.  When wearing two colors together, a calm effect is achieved when they are very close in value (lightness or darkness) and when the colors are analogous, or similar.
You might like to supplement the gentle color choices with gentle, airy lines and spacing of print patterns in the fabric of your attire. First determine the image your want to project, or the mood you want to set, then you’re well on your way to answering your question, “What colors should I wear?”

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