Wednesday, February 16, 2011

28. What Colors Should I Wear for an Urban Effect

Everyone looks best in colors that harmonize with their skin tone.  When you ask, “What colors should I wear? the  main rule is to select colors within your own color analyzed palette.   However, your palette of colors should be extensive enough to allow you to achieve any effect you choose. To convey an urban, or high-tech image you will want to wear colors that suggest an aggressive, strong and cosmopolitan atmosphere.
  • Think “appropriate attire” for a business office.  You’ll want to look smart and sharp.  The basic colors of  this look are gray and a cold blue.  You may add black and/or white.  The colors need to have a strong contrast to one another. No soft blending.
  • Black and white alone can exude a very crisp, business-like mood.  You may add a little cold green, or for women, purple to any of the colors mentioned above.  A cold (slightly greenish) yellow combined with gray projects a city-sophisticate image, too.  So, the idea is cold, crisp and high-contrast. 
  • Look for good strong geometric shapes either in the lines of the garment, or in the fabric pattern itself.  Smaller, more compressed shape images soften the hard,  cold,  lonely feel of the urban image. For this, use size of the shapes, not softer colors.
When you ask, “What colors should I wear?” you need to realize that it all depends on the effect your are striving to achieve.  Stay within the color selections available in your own personal color palette, and simply substitute in your closest color matches to create your best urbane image.

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