Friday, February 18, 2011

30. What Colors Should I Wear for a Friendly Effect

“What colors should I wear?” you ask.  If you are wondering about what specific colors will look good on you with your skin tone, the answer is, you will need to do a personal color analysis.  Within your determined group of colors, there are choices you can make that will project a “friendly” image.
  • What are the characteristics of a friendly person?  Well, they are approachable and engaging.  They smile.  They may have a lot of energy that plays out is being outgoing, but the main thing is they are easy to get along with.  They’re easy-going, and they make us feel good.  We’ll be looking at colors that create that affability.
  • You can always count on a saturated, red-orange to shout, “I’m friendly!”  Not every shade of orange will do.  A “spicy” or more brown-orange conveys other messages.  This darker, spicy color is more sophisticated. It speaks of coffee aroma, maturity, and earthiness.  A brighter orange is playful, youthful, and…friendly.. 
  • Additionally, look for colors that are fairly intense, or slightly muted, that are cherry red, apple green, orange-yellow.  These are colors you probably associate with toys and summertime vacation.  They look wonderful alone, or as companion colors. “Friendly” clothes are comfortable, loose, easy, and rather bold.  
So, look at the colors in your personal palette of colors for the ones that will convey “friendly.”  “What colors should I wear?”  The short answer is, “Any color in your palette of skin-tone matching colors.  Beyond that, learn a little about what moods colors convey.

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